About Me


I'm Nick Hynes

As a Product Manager, I offer emerging startups and scaling companies a valuable blend of business, design, and technology experience


I’ve launched three businesses, researched multiple side-projects, and am empathetic towards the needs of both customers and business stakeholders. I have strong sales experience, with specific expertise in b2b SaaS sales. I’m a confident communicator who is well-practiced in forming story-based presentations, and pitching concepts and solutions to diverse audiences.

Data Analysis | Sales | Strategy |Team Management| Presentation


I apply a design-led approach to product development. I focus on creating products that enable users to achieve their goals - encompassing ideation, user research, MVP experimentation, iteration, and customer validation in the pursuit of product/market fit. I'm particularly comfortable and experienced in working with developers in turning design concepts into working code.

User Research | Wireframing | Prototyping |Sketch | InVision | Framer


I have experience in leading expert teams and shipping digital products. I have a holistic understanding of the interplay of design and code, as well as the relationships between frontend, backend, and API’s. This experience allows me to successfully prioritise requirements, roadmap features, and plan agile sprints in the development and iteration of a digital products.

Scrum (PSM) | Feature Prioritisation | Roadmapping | Full Stack knowledge


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The "go to" design tool.


Flexible, reliable prototyping.


Data analysis for product insights.


Rapid concept visualisation.


Uncovering sales opportunities.


Agile product management.

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