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Communication and collaboration app concept I'm designing which improves relationships between buyers and suppliers

Preview of the Concordo App


Background & Problem

While working as an Account Executive at I regularly experienced challenges around communication and collaboration when liaising with clients and prospects.

I assessed that the specific problem is that as stakeholders enter into the sales/ buying process it is a challenge bring them up to speed and have each party be aware of past and future tasks and milestones.

Research: market & User Research

Market research led me to understand that no tool on the market is specifically designed to facilitate this crucial interaction between buyers and sellers.

I explored this hypothesis with former colleagues through interviews and discovered that they voiced similar pain points within a typical sales process.

With my assumptions confirmed and the problem validated, I created a lean user persona to convey the typical prospective Concordo user.

Lean Persona of the Concordo App

Lean Persona

Design: sketches

There is a strong correlation between a typical sales process and project management - i.e.: chronological order, stakeholders, milestones, tasks, deliverables, etc. As such I began by experimenting with a timeline with cards as the default view for the space within which sellers from a vendor company and buyers from a purchasing company could interact.

Timeline view design iterations of the Concordo app

Timeline view design iterations

design: Low-Fi Prototype

To refine the sketch concepts I created low-fidelity wireframes for a user of the Concordo app. This focused on a timeline view and a chat view between buyers and sellers from two different companies.

Balsamiq mockups

Design: High-Fi Wireframes

While the low-fidelity prototype was useful for visually refining the concept, I assessed that it would not go far enough in conveying the full value and benefits of Concordo to prospective users. As such, in order to garner useful and constructive feedback from customer research, I began to design a more robust visual design of the app through high-fidelity wireframes.

design: High-fi prototype

I used Principle to design interactions between wifeframe screens and steps in order to better user test with participants.

Principle demo v1

Research: findings

I conducted user testing of the Concordo prototype with participants over a period of one month. The main findings to come from these sessions were:

The chat view of the Concordo app

Chat view

Current Status: redesign & Roadmapping

I'm currently iterating aspects of the Concordo design to reflect the user testing feedback received. In conjunction with this, I'm writing job stories and roadmapping for the build phase of the project.

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